About Feosol®

Does it seem like a crazy concept to you? That you could actually love your iron supplement?

We don’t think so. In fact, we think you shouldn’t have to settle for the same old iron supplementation, so we’re offering you three options to choose from. It’s possible to find the best iron supplement for you – one that works with your body and fits your personal lifestyle and budget.

Tip! Use our Iron Supplement Finder to select the Feosol iron supplement that’s right for you.

Why does Feosol® offer three different formulas? Your body absorbs each form of iron differently, depending on many factors including: your diet, your current iron stores and the type of iron itself.

Compare Iron Supplements

Product Type of iron supplement Heme or Non-heme Benefit
feosol complete pillFeosol® Complete with Bifera® HIP & PIC iron Heme & non-heme combined in 1 pill! Our gentlest iron option minimizes side effects and maximizes absorption
feosol natural pillFeosol® Natural Release Carbonyl iron (micro-particles of iron) Non-heme Gentler to your system because its absorption is naturally regulated by the body
feosol original pillFeosol® Original Ferrous sulfate (an iron salt) Non-heme Simple and effective high potency iron formula